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My latest solo show "Running With the Devil" was exhibited March of 2020 at Cre8ery Gallery in Winnipeg. Above are some of the works and you can check out the Artist Statement below and click the link for the newspaper article about my show.

Running With the Devil - Artist Statement

Named after the 1978 Van Halen song, 'Running With the Devil" is a collection of mixed media works consisting of pencil drawing, acrylics, collage and writing on canvas.The series is an act of storytelling, and memorializing some of the struggles I experienced during my teens and early twenties.


Growing up in rural Manitoba and attending Catholic school, the environment was very conservative. Like many other creative kids, I found a religious environment to be restrictive and oppressive.  I did not fit in with small town conformity, or the expectations of what it meant to be female in a conservative Christian environment. Dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, bullying  and death of a close friend made all this harder. That and being told that the music I loved that helped me cope with all this was "the Devil".

Running With the Devil marks a return to what got me making art in the first place, which was drawing the rock and metal stars of the 80s and early 90s that I loved. . As I like to say "Jesus never saved me, but Rock n Roll sure did." I hope that by telling my stories I encourage others to share theirs as well.

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