About Me



I am a tarot reader, astrologer, witch, artist, musician, Youtuber and blogger. My mission is to help other creative and magical souls who want to embrace their uniqueness and forge their own personal connection to the Divine.

I've always loved expressing my creative side and been interested in all things spooky and weird. I was the kid dressed all in black, and reading fantasy novels while listening to 80s metal. Growing up in a small town, and going to Catholic school, liking these things makes you officially a "weirdo." However by learning to embrace what made me unique, it has led me to help others to embrace and claim their own beautiful wild weird selves. 

In 2001 I  received a BFA honours in drawing and photography, from the University of Manitoba,  and have shown in various Winnipeg art galleries ever since. I co-founded Outworks Gallery (2003 - 2011), and am currently a member of Cre8ery Art Gallery and Studio.  I've also played guitar in a few local metal and punk bands, and am now working on my own new musical project.

When I was in University, I picked up my first tarot deck and started reading for friends. I also started studying astrology and witchcraft, and have been practicing ever since. I've now been conducting tarot and astrology readings and practicing my own magical path  for over 25 years!

These practices have liberated me from restrictive dogma, helped me to embrace my creative and intuitive gifts and even given me the courage to escape abuse and overcome trauma. It is my mission to use these gifts to help others with readings that give clarity, teachings that empower and by connecting others together in support.

Peace, Love and Rock n Roll!

Lou xxoo