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Astrology is the art of understanding how the planetary bodies affect our lives. It's a great tool for self understanding and for learning the overall patterns and themes in one's life. It can also be used to understand the energies of the present and how we can work within them to our best advantage.


An Astrological Birth Chart is a snapshot of where the Sun, Moon and planets were at the moment of your birth. This tool can help you to embrace your strengths and weaknesses, and help you to make the most of them. It shows you the energies and archetypes at work in your life, and leads to better self understanding and compassion.

Yearly Forecast Readings are a check in based on your birthday, that shows the themes and areas of your life that will be active for the year ahead. Its like a personal energetic weather forecast just for you.

Click the button below to discover yourself through your Birth Chart or to book a Yearly Forecast Reading. I also offer weekly astrology reports and astrology education on my Patreon. Find out what the Stars have to say to you!

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