Tarot, astrology and witchcraft for spiritual rebels.

This is a place for creatives, eccentrics, and magical misfits. It is for those that want to forge their own unique spiritual path. If you ...

- Don't fit in with mainstream religion

- Want to make your own connection with the Divine, not bound by labels, dogma, or spiritual boxes.

- Don't resonate with any one particular magical tradition

- Want to reconnect with your inner magic and creativity.

If you said yes, this place is for you. I use the practices of tarot, astrology and witchcraft to help you find your unique path and help you connect to the Divine. I also empower you to help you forge your own destiny, with courses on these subjects, and help connect you with like minded others through the Spirit Rebel Coven.


Book a tarot or astrology reading to discover your path, or join the coven for learning and connection. All spiritual rebels are welcome here!


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