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New Readings

I've made some updates to my Etsy shop, and have some exciting new offerings. New to the shop are Spirit Workings for when you want a boost of positive energy towards a specific situation along with some guidance. It includes a video of both the working and a three card reading for guidance.

In the Astrology category, I'm now offering Asteroid Readings. This is for those who are familiar with their birth chart, but would like to connect with the Divine Feminine in the four major asteroids. Ceres - the Nurturer, Athena - the Strategist, Vesta - the Priestess, and Juno - the Queen. Find out what sign, and house they are in as well as aspects they make to the other parts of your chart.

March's featured reading is the Prosperity Reading. Its great for finding out what hidden opportunities may be available as well as challenges that may be blocking you, and what you can do about it.

Go to the Tarot or Readings page to Book a Reading or just check out the updated Etsy shop.



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