• Lou Valcourt

March 22 - 28, 2020 - Transforming the Collective

This week sees a New Moon in Aries, as well as planets in Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn making aspects to each other. Pisces rules the spiritual, artistic and romantic, while Capricorn rules, boundaries, business and tradition. We are asked to blend the spiritual with the commercial at this time, along with being empathetic (Pisces) while maintain necessary boundaries (Capricorn). Taurus rules the earth, nature, food, and the joys of the physical. We are askec to blend the emotional and spirtual with the physical realm at this time.

Sunday March 22 - Mercury sextile Uranus.

Mercury and Uranus sextile each other at 4 degrees of Pisces and Taurus respectively. This is creating an opportunity to find ways to come together in loss and for us to be able to express our grief, fear and uncertainty in new ways that can help others. Religious groups may find a way at this time to offer services to people using new technologies.

Sunday March 22 - Venus sextile Neptune.

Again we have a planet in Taurus (Venus) sextiling with a planet in Pisces (Neptune), this time at 18 degrees. This is asking us to be open and receptive to new ideas and to listen to those with expertise and experience. What can you learn from others who have been here before? Who can you look to for inspiration at this time? What new ideas might you be able to share with others?

Monday March 23 - New Moon in Aries.

(See Wild Lunar newsletter for details)

Monday March 23 - Mars conjunct Pluto

Mars meets up with Pluto at 24 degrees of Capricorn, the Sabian Symbol for which is "An Oriental Rug Dealer". Mars is the planet of conflict, energy desire and action, and as he moves through the sign of Capricorn he activates the planets and meets up with. Pluto is the planet of power, and death and as such, Mars is asking us to change how we use power and how we react to loss. The Sabian Symbol instructs us that by connecting the sacred and traditional ways with how we conduct our business, and our economies, we may find a way to thrive in challenging times. What serves people, and what brings beauty into the world is what we should actually value. We need to collectively reassess our values and bring our actions into alignment with this, rather than blindly pursuing money or greed merely for the sake of it.

Saturday March 28 - Venus trine Jupiter and Pluto.

Early Saturday Venus the planet of beauty and love makes a harmonious aspect to Jupiter the planet of expansion at 23 degrees Taurus and Capricorn respectively. This makes Saturday the easiest and most positive day of the week. We are being asked to react to fear, competition and scarcity mindset with compassion, selflessness and love. Rather than thinking of every person for themselves, we are being asked to stay inside, and think collectively. There is a strange irony here in that by cloistering away as individuals or small groups, we are actually taking care of the larger whole. Later in the day Venus makes a trine to Pluto where we will see the power of the collective working together towards making something beautiful come out of a difficult situation.



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