Coven and Courses

Check out my Patreon site to join the online Coven,  and for educational videos on astrology, tarot, and witchcraft. Its a great place to learn more about these subjects as well as to connect with other likeminded creative and spiritual people.


My Patreon site has a variety of levels depending on what you might be interested in learning. There is the Tarotscope and Astro Witch level for those looking for weekly guidance, and the Unicorn Witch level for those who would like to receive weekly educational videos to learn more about the tarot. Finally there is the Witch School level if you are interested in learning more about witchcraft and how to develop your own spiritual practice that is unique to you. Witch School students  are also automatically part of the online coven. Click the Patreon button below to join.


The online coven "the Rock N Roll Coven", is a great way to connect with other like minded creative and spiritual people.  Members are part of a private Facebook group and receive suggested new, and full moon rituals as well as sabbat rituals, along with a monthly meditation and tarot spread. We work with monthly themes for personal development and growth. Coven members also receive the tarotscope and tarot and astrology videos. Those at the Rockstar level on Patreon also receive monthly personal tarot readings. Click on My patreon to join the coven. 


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